treasure today.

preserving life’s treasures

Hi, I’m Emily! My Midwest heart fell hard for the mountains, so I followed my heart and moved to Colorado. After spending over eight years in Summit County, CO, I finally made it back to my Midwest roots {go Cards!}.

WHY? Photography helps me to better understand the people, the settings + the world around me. We all have our own story to share. By helping others tell their stories, I find out more about who I am at heart: playful, warm, proudly-awkward, always learning, with an old soul and more curiosity + creativity than I sometimes know what to do with.

I aim to accentuate the why behind photographs: to bring lasting purpose + intention to portrait and family photography; to bring mindfulness back to photography, both for myself + for clients; and to celebrate images in print that future generations will use to understand their own history, expanding on their own story.

7.23.17 Rachel Josh-294.jpg

I find a subtle magic in the mountains: the way they make my greatest troubles seem so insignificant; the way the light never hits them the same way twice; the way they stand tall + steady through the always-changing seasons. The mountains have my heart, and they remain my home even after moving away.

Now I get asked all the time, “You left the mountains? Colorado? Why?!” Well, to start: it was no fun to see my dad just once or twice a year, to miss out on my nephew’s soccer games or {dare I mention?} settling for pizza without provel cheese. And honestly? Back in the flat lands, this new season of life is more beautiful than I could have imagined. I’ve missed the late golden sunshine at dusk {it is SO orange sometimes!}, afternoon thunderstorms, swimming in lakes and exploring St. Louis’ parks. I treasure stealing dad for snow cones after dinner. I’m excited to sit out on our deck without a jacket at 8pm. I treasure the unbelievable autumn and spring colors in the leaves here. I treasure the chance to welcome a new season of life and embrace what’s in front of me, and can’t wait to share this season with you!

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Another one of my greatest treasures? This guy {see below}. His laugh stole my heart. His kindness and gentle patience keep me falling in love all over again, day after day. Because of him, I can let my weird shine without hesitation!


Life’s seasons evolve faster than we realize. Let’s make time to preserve our treasures - our people, our moments, our milestones - and create a legacy that lasts for generations to come. I’m so excited to see what’s next!

Be safe, be healthy, be happy.