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Photographer in action: photographing a winter wedding in Beaver Creek.
Portrait of Emily at the Frisco Marina in the winter time.
  • My happy place: on a lake. I'm at home on the water - rowing, swimming, sailing, boating, rafting, kayaking, canoeing... even just dipping my feet in for a bit is the best!
  • I'm a Scorpio - loyal, passionate, observant. I was born on Halloween night. And I hate scary movies. With a passion.
  • My last name is Schmutz: [shmoots]. It's German + it's fun to say! Go on, try it...
  • I named my cat Shai (think, "Shay") after the ancient Egyptian god of Fate & Destiny.
  • We have a puppy now, too! Her name is Pepper (aka Puppers, Bubbas, Pepper-roo, Pepperoni, Pooper-roo, Ding Dong... the list goes on!) She loves to play with Shai, though I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual quite yet.
  • Nothing gets me more excited than toasted raviolis and pizza with provel cheese.
  • I constantly have the "travel bug." Costa Rica was once my home for four months. My most recent international trip: Belize. Next adventure goal: a Central American Coffee Tour!
  • Sometimes I imagine my world a bit like Candy Land; in early winter, the dark mountains covered in a little fresh snow are really giant brownies dusted with powdered sugar... and don't get me started on our cotton candy sunsets! Seriously, living in Colorado is so inspiring (and yummy!).
  • My favorite part of my job is realizing how much my cheeks hurt after a session from smiling, giggling, laughing + being silly! My hope is that my clients's cheeks just might be sore from the same thing once we're all done shooting!

Thanks to all of the wonderful people in my local community, I'm excited to announce that I am a final nominee for Summit Daily's
Best of Summit 2017 Wedding Photographer! {2nd year in a row, yay!}

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