10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me

Emily Schmutz, Colorado wedding and family photographer. Portrait by Laurie at Rendition Studios.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting and reminiscing on a whole lot of really amazing and fun things that I don't always talk about. So I thought I'd share! You might know some of the things below, and others might be new. Here's a little peek into the smile behind the lens:


1. In 2015, I sang with the Summit Choral Society of Colorado {along with a huge group of other choirs from across the country} at Carnegie Hall. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Also, I definitely almost cried mid-song!


2. I almost chose a career path in digital imaging {think professional Photoshopper}! I loved it when we learned more about it in school, and ended up being pretty darn good and quick at it. After doing an in-depth project on digital imaging in the media, though, I decided I'd rather work with real people in real-life situations instead of altering reality - no matter how fun the projects could be!

Emily at Carnegie Hall before performing John Rutter's Requiem
Lake Dillon and the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado
Rowing on Lake Dillon with the Frisco Rowing Center in Frisco, Colorado, with Mount Buffalo in the background

3. I learned how to row crew on Lake Dillon. I've been away from it for a few seasons now, and think it's about time to start again. Early 5:00 AM mornings are tough, but it's all worth it to see the sun rise over the Continental Divide on a lake of glass... Also: talk about best workout ever!


4. I moved to Colorado without a job. I guess I had some gumption I didn't even realize at the time... I had interviewed for a position a few months prior to moving, and was told, "Call me when you move here." No official promise for a job. So, on day two I called, and day three I went to work! I just knew I wanted to be here, and was ready to make it work one way or another.


5. Sometimes, I like to write. It usually ends up as poetry. They're shorter poems, little snippets of a moment, like a snapshot. I want to be better at sharing this creative side of me, so here goes...

Winter Poem

6. I graduated from college with two degrees: BA in Photography & BA in Spanish Language. I was fluent in Spanish; it came naturally to me and I really liked writing it {I even wrote some Spanish poems!}. I use one of my degrees for my career, and am excited to travel more and use my language skills again.


7. I'm a total INFP. Interestingly, though, my Introvert side is only about 2% greater than the extrovert side today, which has changed drastically from 10 years ago {i.e. I've become more extroverted over time!}. That being said, nothing resets my soul like a good, quiet evening at home with the pets and a movie or a good book.


8. I was born on Halloween {you might already know this.} Also: I hate scary movies with a passion!! For some reason, when I was younger, people around me always seemed really surprised to hear this. There was an assumption that, because my birthday was on a "scary holiday," I must love all of the movies associated with it! Nope. Not. A. Chance. Sometimes, I have nightmares just watching trailers for PG-13 scary movies...!


9. Board games are my favorite! I grew up playing board games & cards at our lake house with family and any guests that got tricked into it, too. Some of my favorites now: Clue, Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples + Code Names.

Cute couple at a party!

10. This guy has my whole heart, save for a little room for our kitty + pup. He's my best friend and my most amazing supporter. {I'm sure you knew this already, but I had to add it in!} We're so super excited for our wedding next March and can't wait to see what the next adventures bring!

Now's your turn - what have you done that surprised you, made you stronger, taught you a lesson or was just plain awesome?!

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