St. Louis Forest Park Rainy Engagement Photo Session

It seemed fitting to feature this engagement session on Valentine's Day, with all of the love involved in these images - in front of, behind and even all around the lens. These two, undoubtedly, are amazing for one another - something I knew after only a few minutes shooting together. The love they share is tangible.

I am in love: with my best friend from college; with the fact that she found her happiness, and also found her Person; with having the chance to photograph them together. I love that we adventured in the pouring rain and still found ways to make the shoot happen.

I love that I (selfishly) got to visit and photograph some of my absolute hands-down favorite locations from home; the nostalgia pulled at my heart everywhere we ventured. To many, Forest Park may be overdone (in terms of photo shoot locations). To me, it is comfortable and awesome and holds many memories. It is home.

Recently engaged? Thinking of celebrating with some engagement photos? Let's chat! This is such an exciting time for you two! Make an afternoon out of it, or revisit and capture your favorite place together. Email or call with questions and to set up your e-sesh soon!

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