The {Not-To-Do} List

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I was always terrible at making - well, keeping - New Year's Resolutions. I mad goals instead. This year, though, I decided to create a list of things "Not to Do." Sometimes it's easier to get to your real goals by recognizing what you don't want to see happen. So, in the spirit of the New Year, here is my "Not-To-Do List" for 2018!

  • Sleep in past 7:30am
  • Be on my phone after 8:00pm or before 8:00am
  • Hover on social media every. single. day. {ugh!}
  • Complain about feeling unfit
  • Work after dinner
  • Skip daily walks with Pepper
  • Buy things purely for immediate gratification
  • Throw away items that are recyclable or compostable
  • Work so hard + so much that I forget to make time for my own vacation/time off
  • Complain about doing laundry
  • Judge someone's decision based on my opinion, without hearing their reasons

What would be your #1 thing on your Not-To-Do List?