{Business Journal} 5-Minute Celebration

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Lesson of the day {week? year?}: You can't do it all.

The way this year has gone, I have a feeling that phrase will be my 2018 mantra. I've known it for a long time; I've heard it and been told this over + over + over! But I {like many others with that entrepreneur mind} still want to do it all. I enjoy a lot of aspects of business!

The ladies over at Prim'd Marketing say it well: "The pace of life of a business owner or entrepreneur can move so fast that you feel like you are a circus performer spinning plates..."

The hard truth is: even though I want to do it all, I still shouldn't do it all. Not if I want a life outside of my work and a functioning brain + body to enjoy that life.

Instead of just reading about their activity on the Prim'd blog, I decided to put it to action to see just how much I have accomplished in the last three months. Pen-to-paper will never go out of style, because it offers such a different way to view + think about things. 

postit board of accomplishments
postit board
postit board

This past August through October has clearly been a whirlwind across the board {pun intended...?} and is definitely cause for a little celebration! On days when I feel like I'm just not productive enough, or I don't have the motivation, I will look back at this exercise and remind myself of the bigger picture.

And I also can look at some of these accomplishments and really start to understand how to build a team around me for support. I have a feeling this will become a quarterly exercise to 1} visualize how my business is succeeding and 2} strengthen the parts that need some extra love.

I'd love to know what you think after trying this exercise! Comment below or shoot me an email at emily@keepingcomposurephoto.com to keep the conversation going! Stay up-to-date with my once-monthly newsletter, too!

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