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winter engagement in dillon, colorado

It's February, and that means a month of sharing and celebrating love! This week's post highlights one of the best ways to share your love with someone else: laughter. It's contagious, it's silly, it's goofy and sometimes even attractive! Make some extra room for laughter and games this month, and take a look at some funny outtakes and sweet moments from weddings, engagement shoots + family sessions that worked with Keeping Composure Photography.

family photo session in dillon colorado at Sapphire Point
family photography shoot on the shores of Lake Dillon in Colorado. All the girls in the family!
sweet same sex elopement overlooking Lake Dillon and Peak One in Frisco, Colorado
young woman laughing during her portrait shoot in the yellow aspens
mom and dad elicit a bit of laughter from their sleepy toddler during their family photo shoot near Lake Dillon in Colorado
a funny moment during a beautiful wedding at Sapphire Point - even the guests are laughing!!
sometimes even regular, formal poses lead to great giggles and laughter!
Both dads get their two-year-old son giggling in the snow during their holiday photo shoot in Frisco, Colorado
dancing and laughing during an engagement photo session!
big bear hugs and giggles are the best! there's a comfort and love so pure you can't miss it!
grab your friends for your senior portrait session, and get silly!
brothers and sister do their best to pose for a sweet, formal family photo - and sometimes the moments in between the formal shots are the best.
when in doubt, hug a tree and laugh til you can't catch your breath!
get excited, giggle, get close - the best ways to make sweet images during an engagement session!
let loose and have some fun during your family photo session. the best moments are those in between the planned shots.
when there's snow on the ground, and kids in the shoot - let them play (but not until after all of the formal photos are done)!

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