Journal: Love at First Latte...

Image by Haley at  Carnefix Photography  during photographer Emily's lifestyle shoot.

Image by Haley at Carnefix Photography during photographer Emily's lifestyle shoot.

...and a puppy on the side

I met him at the local coffee shop. Let me start by saying I do not drink coffee - I drink lattes. Or anything but straight coffee. Yep, for better or for worse, I'm the "small vanilla latte with cinnamon steamed into the coconut milk, please" girl. (It is so good!!) And he had the most beautiful eyes and best laugh I had ever heard. Once, he secretly created a heart design in my latte, but covered it with the lid before I picked it up.

(Needless to say, I started drinking a lot more lattes - only, of course, when he was working.)

There are endless moments that I remember about our first months together: the first time I burped in front of him - I couldn't believe it (it was after yoga, and I was clearly feeling very relaxed!); our first mini road trip, when we took a long detour, got lost, gave a stranger a lift, soaked in some hot springs, explored more, split a pizza, and attempted to kiss underneath the star-filled sky only to find it was absolutely freezing, so we kept driving instead; the time I tackled him in a clear, turquoise river in Belize and yelled, "I love you" at the top of my lungs for all the cows to hear...

And then there was the tough time I had to tell him we weren't chosen to adopt the puppy we had hoped for, only to find The One little girl who was meant for us all along. Now, we get to make more memories with our second fur baby, Pepper, as we watch her grow together. My days consist of a lot more coffee at home and puppy snuggles in the mornings, which make life a whole lot sweeter!

Special thanks to Haley at Carnefix Photography for images associated with this post! (She rocks!)

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