KCP's Misison


Scene: 1990s. Grandma’s House. The TV Room
{with one of those old box TVs and a heavenly VHS collection}

I grew up staring at my grandmother’s walls {yes – plural!} that were filled to the corners with photos of family members hanging in unmatched frames. I was {and still am} completely enamored by the history that room held – generations of family over the decades! I loved seeing my mom when she was my age, her siblings when they were younger and my great-grandparents before my grandparents were even born.

Scene: 2017. Our Studio Condo in Colorado. The Only Room
{because, well, it’s a studio…}

I recently looked around our apartment and my head spun as I realized: we don’t have any photos of our little family hanging on our walls!
“I am a photographer, for goodness sake!” I thought, “How can I of all people, not have prints of us hanging up?!” So, there it is: my confession in writing. Turns out, we are all guilty of falling into the bottomless pit of digital photos living only on our phones + computers.


I aim to change this: to bring lasting purpose + intention to wedding photography + other sessions;
to bring mindfulness back to photography, both for myself + for clients;
and to celebrate the images in print that future generations will use to learn about their own history, helping them create their story Now.



Keeping Composure Photography

{Preserving Moments + Memories. For Life.}



Top 3 Finalist in Summit Daily's Best of Summit 2017 Wedding Photographer
Final Nominee for Summit Daily's Best of Summit 2016 Wedding Photographer



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